Quinze Roures blanco 75cl 2022

€ 13,70
Inhoud in cl 75
Alcohol % 13.5
Druivensoorten Garnacha blanca
Wijnstreek Emporda DO
Wijnhuis Celler Espelt
Wijnsoort Wit
€ 13,70
(€ 16,58 incl. BTW)
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50% Garnacha gris, 50%, Garnacha blanca.

Espelt Quinze Roures blanco is een wijn uit Emporda

Gerijpt op Frans eiken.
Espelt Quinze Roures blanco
 is een elegante witte wijn. Vers fruit, een vleugje kruiden en een aangenaam bittertje in de afdronk.
Goede combinatie met schaaldieren en vis. 
Serveren tussen 12-14 °C.


The vineyards were planted between 1906 to 1976 in the area around Rabós within D.O. Empordà. The soils are slate, not terribly deep, and steep. The Grenache Gris (Lledoner Roig) is a local variety that is from the Grenache family. It takes its name from the pinky/ruddy color of its skin. The vines are hidden within others of Carignan (usually about 3-4% of the total vines in a vineyard). The White Grenache (Lledoner Blanc) is found in the lower part of a vineyard with vines around 108 years old. Both of the varieties are harvested by hand in boxes of maximum 15kg.


We vinify the two varieties separately. For the Grenache Gris (Lledoner Roig) we do a cold press with low juice totals in order to avoid a rosé tint from the skins. Part of the wine is fermented in stainless steel, parts in French oak barrels of 500l which are specially selected for this wine. Other parts ferment in new oak barrels and in a ciment container, looking to give it a special complexity. The total barrel aging time is five months on the lees.

Type of Wine

White wine with lees aging in barrel. Tasting Notes Freshness and creaminess in a white wine with aromatic intensity. Hints of green fruits like pear and apple, also melon. Salty, voluminous and deep on the palate, with a silky touch. It’s fresh, with some minerality that makes it especially agile and friendly. A versatile wine that seduces and harmonizes very well with our local Empordà cuisine.

At the Table

We recommend serving the wine at 12-14ºC to maintain its freshness, since if served colder its expressive aromas would remain hidden. To accompany… Quinze Roures is a wonderful wine for all meals. A wine with ample body and spicy aromas. We opt to pair it with stronger dishes: fish stews or our local rice dishes (similar to paella) with vegetables, chicken and seafood. Fall vegetables like pumpkin, or roasted peppers also pair quite well.

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Smaakprofiel Wit: droog, houtgerijpt & complex
Combineren met Krab, Kreeft
Parker punten 0,00
Wijnsoort Wit
Wijnhuis Celler Espelt
Wijnstreek Emporda DO
Druivensoort Garnacha blanca
Alcohol % 13.5
Inhoud in cl 75
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