Espelt Lledoner Roig blanco 75cl 2019

€ 25,00
Inhoud in cl 75
Alcohol % 12.5
Druivensoorten Garnacha blanca
Wijnstreek Emporda DO
Wijnhuis Celler Espelt
Wijnsoort Wit
€ 25,00
(€ 30,25 incl. BTW)
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100% Garnacha gris (Lledoner Roig).

Espelt Lledoner Roig is een houtgerijpte witte wijn uit Emporda

Grenache Gris (locally called Lledoner Roig) is a variety that has a pinkish skin and is
native to Empordà and the south of France (especially around the village of Banyuls). It's
from the same family as the red and white Grenaches (aka Lledoner Negre/Blanc). In our
case, we find these vines spread amongst our oldest Carignan vineyards making up
about 2-4% of the total. They're old bush vines, rooted in the poor, slate soils of the area.
We pick this specific grape while passing through the vineyard, just when it starts to ripen
and long before the surrounding Carignan vines. The yields are around 2.5kg per vine.

We cold store the grapes before pressing as whole, stemmed clusters. To avoid any
coloration from the pinkish skins, we press very softly resulting in a low quantity of juice.
We practice spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts in second-use Burgundy
barrels of 500L. Lightly clarified prior to bottling.

Type of Wine
White wine with aging on the lees.

Tasting Notes
Star bright yellow in color with good body and structure. Most noted in the aromas are
orange blossoms, chamomile, flint, and spicy balsamic notes that make it a quite
singular wine. Seductive with great volume on the palate, there's a vibrant, marked
acidity that makes for a long, persistent finish. It's a wine that pairs well with the local
dishes of Alt Empordà such as "mar i muntanya" or mixes of seafood and meat.
Complex and authentic, it's a true and honest reflection of this variety.

At the Table
We recommend serving the wine at 10-12C to maintain its freshness as any colder than
this will hide the expressive aromas. To accompany… Dishes with fennel or celery.
Shrimp, clams, and oven-cooked fish (turbot, angler, hake). Think of Lledoner Roig the
next time you go to the fishmonger.

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Smaakprofiel Wit: droog, houtgerijpt & complex
Parker punten 0,00
Wijnsoort Wit
Wijnhuis Celler Espelt
Wijnstreek Emporda DO
Druivensoort Garnacha blanca
Alcohol % 12.5
Inhoud in cl 75
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