Matusalem Oloroso 75cl

€ 76,72
Inhoud in cl 75
Alcohol % 20.5
Druivensoorten Palomino, Pedro Ximénez,
Wijnstreek Jerez-Xeres-Sherry-Manzanilla de Sanlucar Debarrameda DO
Wijnhuis González Byass
Wijnsoort Sherry
€ 76,72
(€ 92,83 incl. BTW)
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75% Palomino and 25% Pedro Ximenez 

Matusalem Oloroso is een wijn uit Jerez

Matusalem Oloroso heeft houtrijping gehad. 
Matusalem Oloroso is een complexe, krachtige, elegante zoete wijn. Droge vruchten, "roasted tones" , een vleugje kruden en tinten van solanera.

"After more than 30 years of ageing in butts, this extraordinary Oloroso Dulce Muy Viejo (Sweet Very Aged Oloroso) acquires its mahogany colour, with an intense bouquet of dried fruits, dates, raisins and vintage oak.
Elegance, complexity and concentration to the palate. It blends deliciously with Stilton or Cabrales cheese or fruit pudding.
It is best served at room temperature or slightly chilled."

The Wine Advocate: 
"Gonzalez Byass is one of the greatest, historical names in Sherry (and Brandy), as well as the largest in Jerez, and the Tio Pepe brand and image one of the icons of Spain, and the best selling Fino in the world stored in an impressive solera of 30,000 botas. Moreover, it’s one of the few large Sherry companies still family-owned and managed. I had a very pleasant visit at their extensive facilities by Jerez Cathedral, visiting the different bodegas, tasting some wines from bota, discussing the developments for the en rama wines, the comeback of the pagos, while hearing about the history of the founders, the different buildings, and how things were many, many decades ago. It’s a fascinating visit offered to the public, in which thousands of visitors from all over the world (they mention 250,000 per year) learn the secrets of Sherry wine. I had the chance to sit down for a very relaxed conversation while sipping some very old wines at their library with winemaker Antonio Flores and vice-president Pedro Rebuelta Gonzalez, talking about wine in general, Sherry in particular, their company and a lot of other things. Gonzales-Byass was founded in Jerez in 1835 by 23-year-old entrepreneur Manuel Maria Gonzalez, who exported the first cask of Tio Pepe to London in 1844. Gonzalez was advised by an uncle of his, a man called Jose Angel de la Pena. Uncle Jose had a small bodega with his own solera of Fino, which had direct access to the street as he liked to come and go as he fancied. People called Jose are often nicknamed Pepe in Spain, so the solera of uncle Jose (tio means uncle), or uncle Pepe gave name to the famous Tio Pepe brand. The original bodega del Tio Pepe still exists, is in use today, and in fact holds some of the best botas of Tio Pepe Fino. Gonzalez took different partners, and the company changed names a number of times, like Manuel Maria Gonzalez & Cia or Gonzalez & Dubosc. In 1855, the year the people of Bordeaux were really busy making the classification of their chateaux, Gonzalez sold some company shares to his importers and distributors in the UK, Robert Blake Byass. The name of the company was definitely set to Gonzalez Byass & Co., which has been kept till the present day. Today the fifth generation of the Gonzalez family still own and manage the company. Through the years the company and its holdings have been greatly expanded, and the winery today is akin to a small town of 37 hectares, as it has incorporated some of the streets that connected the different bodegas, La Constancia, La Concha (a unique round bodega attributed to Gustav Eiffel), Los Apostoles, La Cuadrada, and the more recent Gran Bodega Tio Pepe, Las Copas or Marques de Bonanza. As a curiosity, if you visit their premises you’ll be able to see the largest working weathervane on earth, in the shape of a bottle of Tio Pepe!" 
Luis Gutierrez, Aug 2013. 

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Penin punten 94,00
Parker punten 0,00
Wijnsoort Sherry
Wijnhuis González Byass
Wijnstreek Jerez-Xeres-Sherry-Manzanilla de Sanlucar Debarrameda DO
Druivensoort Palomino, Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol % 20.0
Inhoud in cl 75
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