Jorge Ordonez Vinas Viejas nº3 2018 37,5cl

€ 47,85
Inhoud in cl 37.5
Alcohol % 10.0
Druivensoorten Moscatel
Wijnstreek Malaga DO
Wijnhuis Jorge Ordonez
Wijnsoort Wit
€ 47,85
(€ 57,90 incl. BTW)

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100% Moscatel.

Jorge Ordonez Viñas Viejas nº3 is een topwijn uit Malaga

Jorge Ordonez Viñas Viejas nº3 is een subtiele zoete witte wijn. Wit fruit, bloemen, mineralen en een aangename lange afdronk.
Op dronk, maar kan zich tenminste tot 2022 nog verder ontwikkelen.
Jorge Ordonez seleccion especial kan het beste geserveerd worden bij 8°- 10°C.

The Wine Advocate: about 2014

"The 2014 Old Vines #3 is pure unfortified Moscatel from a single vineyard planted in 1908 on a steep north-facing plot, bottled with 4.53% alcohol, 353 grams of sugar and nine grams of acidity that provides incredible freshness and balance. It fermented in barrel for 35 months and was bottled into 1,812 bottles in August 2017. It has a lot lower alcohol than in previous years, a lot more sugar and a much darker color, really dark amber, even darker than the Esencia. Its low alcohol has caused the wine to be denied the appellation of origin. The sugar made the wine stop fermenting and it finished like this, which hopefully the appellation will accept in the future. There are some toffee and smoky aromas, it's very sweet and dense, with a luscious mouthfeel and a different profile from previous vintages."

Luis Gutierrez, Dec 2017



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Smaakprofiel Wit: zoet
Wijnsoort Wit
Wijnhuis Jorge Ordonez
Wijnstreek Malaga DO
Druivensoort Moscatel
Inhoud in cl 37.5
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