Bac de les Ginesteres 50 cl

€ 47,86
Inhoud in cl 50
Alcohol % 15.0
Druivensoorten Garnacha tinta
Wijnstreek Emporda DO
Wijnhuis Les Vinyes dels Aspres
Wijnsoort Wit
€ 47,86
(€ 57,91 incl. BTW)
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100% Garnacha.

Bac de les Ginesteres is een zoete wijn uit emporda

 The Wine Advocate:
" Completely different and produced in a unique way, the 2004 Bac de les Ginesteres is a rancio-style sweet white matured in crystal demijohns in the sun. The Garnacha Gris grapes are picked very late and ripe and left to dehydrate in the sun for 50 days! During that time they lose around 50% of its weight. The 20-liter demijohns are left outside for a whopping 54 months, nearly four years. The bottled wine has 169 grams of sugar and 14.5% alcohol, and is apparently unfortified. It has a light mahogany color with a bright amber edge and a captivating nose of roasted hazelnuts, molasses and curry. When you're expecting a pungent palate with marked flavors, you find a rather soft, dense wine coated by the sugar that is quite sweet with the sweetness taking away the edge. This would be much better with a lot less sugar. I like the nose but the palate is disappointing. 978 half-liter bottles produced."
Luis Gutierrez, Jun 2015

The vineyard of les corts is located in the eastern part of the municipality of Cantallops, beside the Cami dels Solers, in an area of rough, dry sandy lands characterised by shallow, rocky grounds of geologically senile materials in decomposition (granites and slates) and with a low content of organic matter. The texture of the soil is sandy, with an acidic ph and a proportion of active lime of practically zero.

Once harvested, the boxes of grape were placed safe from the rain and the grape was let dry during 59 days. Later the 1043 Kg of resulting raisins of this drying process were pressed as if they were fresh grapes. The must, concentrated in sugars, fermented slowly during months in stainless steel tank, the particular base wine for our Bac de les Ginesteres. Once the fermentation is over, a row of 20 lts glass bottles were filled and exposed to the outside, " sun and serene", for 50 months, getting older and evolving to become our Bac de les Ginesteres.

169 g/l

978 numbered bottles


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Smaakprofiel Wit: zoet
Penin punten 92,00
Parker punten 90,00
Wijnsoort Wit
Wijnhuis Les Vinyes dels Aspres
Wijnstreek Emporda DO
Druivensoort Garnacha tinta
Alcohol % 15.0
Inhoud in cl 50
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